(生徒作品)作品の監修:オーバルラウンドカットスクール (ヘアスタイル名:ザ・宇宙)
(英訳)English translation
Oval Round Hair Cut School: New Hair Style (2 Section Balloon Mash Gradation Bob)!!
(Students work shop) Supervision of the work: Oval round Hair cut school (Hair style name: The Cosmos)
(Hair Cut Philosophy)
★ In the earth, the sun, the moon, plants, apples, oranges, watermelons, etc. Also, branches of trees spirally grow, and lastly the flowers bloom round. The sea creatures are also shaped like shells spirally swirling. Naturally made shapes like this are round spheres and spirally swirling shapes are made. And the shape of the customer's head that we always touch is a rounded egg shape, and the stream of swirling is also spirally swirling. I am convinced that taking the round section from the center of the head and cutting along the shape and flow is the best haircut technique.
★ Now, a one time hairstyle exercise haircut class is being held. One time (1 hour) 4,000 yen (tax not included) ~ can be taken. For details, please search with "Oval Round Hair Cut School".