ニューオーバルラウンドヘアカットスクール:ベーシックスタイル、サイドグラデーションボブ(Side GraduationBob: Another name is Fire fly)

<ニューオーバルラウンド(ムーンカット)スクール:ベーシックスタイル、サイドグラデーションボブ(Side Graduation Bob: Another name is Fire fly)
(生徒作品:Sさん)(Students work shop) 作品の監修:オーバルラウンドカットスクール
(ヘアカットコンセプト:Hair Cut Concept)
★スペイン(Spain)のアントニオガウディ(Antonio Gaudi)は自然の法則の造形美を考え、曲線やウェーブ、放物線をメインに
(英訳)English translation

(Students work shop) Supervision of the work: Oval round Hair cut school
(Hair Cut Concept)
★ Antonio Gaudi in Spain is made mainly of curves, waves, and parabolas, considering the beauty of nature's
shaping beauty. We also thought about the round (yen) haircut technique based on the law of nature.
(Hair Cut Philosophy)
★ Earth, the sun, the moon are round spheres. And the shape of the galaxy is spirally rounded around one point.
Also in plants, there are many round spheres made of natural, such as apples, oranges, watermelons, etc. And the
shape of the customer's head is a rounded egg shape, and the whirling is rounded like a spiral shape. I am
convinced that taking the round section from the center of the head (G, P) along the shape and flow of the head,
cutting with a round layer cut and round gradation cut is the best haircut technique.