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(English translation)
(Hairstyle name)New Asymmetric Five Point Graduate Bob !!
Za · (Round) Hair Cut Circle> Recruiting new members! !
(the purpose)
There is no hairdressing technique of other hairdressers, it is circle = (circle) that was established with the objective of improving high-level basic cutting technique and creative technique that anyone can easily learn and differentiate.
(Concept of haircut)
In our Oval Round Haircut school, when cutting the style of One Length Bob, Gradation Bob, Layer Cut, we cut most of the round section. So, the finished style is soft and volume feeling comes out, finished in a silhouette with circle. But cut the square style with vertical section and horizontal section. Concave cut also cuts diagonal sections and cuts. That's why at our cut school we will make all the styles, mainly round section. That is the concept and philosophy of our cut school.
We want to tell this haircut theory and haircut philosophy to many people.
※ Basically, it will be held every other month but you can attend once a month (12 times a year), so please contact us if you wish. Also, if you are an owner of a beauty shop abroad and would like a haircut class at the salon please contact below.
For details, please visit our website. Or, please inquire at E - MAIL.
(URL) http://yencut.easy-magic.com/user/
(E-Mail) yencutschool_1@yahoo.co.jp